Wednesday, October 6, 2010


hi all!  i am still on a fabulous high from our awesome weekend in denver - we got to spend time with family and also had great success at our friends of littleton craft fair, yey!  thank you to ALL of our friends and family for your support :)  especially one amazing lady we couldn't have done it with out...
my moma!  she was with me at the buttcrack of dawn hauling everything in and stayed all day till we packed out.  you are grreat!!
and i got to work with the cutest guy ever, he kept me entertained :) 

we also got to come home to more exciting stuff.. we were invited to be at a holiday craft fair in greeley; 

through a local artist that has brought us into a little artist community, thank you Kelly Cook for taking us in!  and making us part of bluedoor :)  i have a lot of excitement about the growing art scene around greeley and it feels fantastic to be a part of it!

onto the next projects and ideas to get ready for holiday season hustle and bustle!!  i love the feeling i get when i'm working on new stuff - i am so ready to get extra cute for the holidays! 

hugs and love

ps stay tuned for a simple goal update, coming real soon!

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  1. hooray, and thank YOU! Can't wait to have your LOVELY stuff at the fair