Friday, January 6, 2012

some special moments...

with very special people!  I was so lucky to have the time off from work that I did - we got to see all our close family for christmas.  It was so fun & I wanted it to last all week :)  

I love both of our families so much it was hard to split up the time, but I realize we are incredibly lucky to have them so close together.. commuting between festivities took us only 35 minutes.  

had lots of fun with these Hammond cuties...
 miss paytie pants
Laney and grammie (she was all smiles!!  such a cutie!!)
we opened lots of fun presents, played with them, had a delicious prime rib dinner!!! watched basketball, played games, colored pretty pictures and had lots of laughs..

 so happy to see this girl!!  it isn't very often but i love my lil carlee.  and guess what?! she's going to be home in colorado all summer!  that was some exciting news :) 
 we found out my robe was a children's size! lol all moma had to do was cut a little off the sleeves and it fit payton :) 

and for the Butler clan!!  We had fun hanging out, watching awesome movies & going to The movies - saw MI: ghost protocal, which was sweet!! and got to meet Dave's new girlfriend who came with!  ate delicious breakfast casserole, monkey bread & pizza, watched the nugg's first game of the season - they kicked butt - and enjoyed some christmas traditions around the yule log and festivus pole :)  

 bees was very relaxed

 boys all got nuggets hats :)

 lynn & I
this pic is actually from thanksgiving.. isn't it a cute shot of the boys, all legged crossed?! and not really enjoying the picture taking? hahaha

I have to say I am one happy girl.  I have some really amazing people in my life and am so grateful to be a part 2 wonderful families.  It makes my heart feel a little swollen :)  

and my favorite of the bunch happens to be my best friend and the most amazing hubby...
  It was such a blast to spend time with you on your winter break.  you make me smile every day, and are the most fun to be around.  love you Jer. 
xo yellski

if you are feeling any of the feelings i am, you want december back.. the magic, the love, that special time of year :) I think i am being a bit sentimental because i took down all of the decorations today.. even though i was thinking to myself i had just put them up lol!  hope your holidays were just as sweet, hugs & love

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