Saturday, July 2, 2011

T o a d s

guess what we've been finding in our yard?!  yup.  toads!  The arrival of toads must mean that the snakes have decided to hit the road.  yesss!  I am terrified of snakes and we have been dealing with them in the yard since may... so happy there are signs that snakes are disappearing lol

We have been very busy.......... enjoying summer!!  
it is so nice to having jared home, i love how much time we've been able to spend together :) here are just some of our highlights so far..

garage sales on weekend mornings

re-watching "The Office" from season 1!  Such a funny/amazing show

sleeping in :)

eating late night sonic treats

seeing some amazing movies:  

X-men first class (i loooved, a little more than jared)
Super 8 (good story and the kids were cuute & hilarious!)
Transformers 3 (Rocked even more than the first 2, even though megan fox was replaced... and it is also in a tie with jared's favorite movie of the year so far, bridesmaids haha)

spending fathers day with the hammonds & millers

Yardhouse with the Butlers

playing outside with the pups

getting my ceramics in to Doug's Hang up!!  it is a great gallery space in downtown Greeley, where the owners are all about supporting local artists.  it has a lot of great work including some past UNC students art, like me :)

working on fun projects in the studio!! jared has been a slip casting maniac creating 3 new molds for making lots of spray paint cans and samauri sords... i know, i can't wait to see his creations come to life either.

getting our new kiln!!!!! big thank you to michael lemke
it is an amazing used kiln that is HUGE.  it literally fits our current kiln inside of it.  amazing.  our next task will be obtaining parts to convert it from a 3 phase kiln to a 1 phase so it can run off the power outlet in our studio.  feel so lucky to have a new kiln :)

I am also rearranging in my craft room to accommodate a floor loom!  UNC recently updated all of their equipment and needed to move some older looms.  So happy my old professor called and asked if i would claim one!  gladly :)  it is in great condition, just needs a few pieces and some other weaving tools before i can start dream weaving away!!!  I am going to try lace weaving, yes.  

also there is a glaze kiln that is just about the right temp to open up, time to see some new beauties!

oh yea, and my fun little sewing project
new living room curtains :) i fell in love with the fabric and got it for %50 off!  love joanns and my coupons.  

Sorry for lack of photos in this post, kinda lame.  I need to bust out the camera more!  next post will be full of pics :)  hope your summers are swell, Hugs & love xoxox

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