Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Glacier Gorge

So, we have some very outdoorsy friends.  Jared's bestie, Zach is a serious hiker and plans out lots of trips - taking different members of the "hiking forum".  (In order to be in the hiking forum you have to go on one of his hikes and be inducted... nothing too official really, just a very exclusive facebook group for hikers only)  Everyone we know has been on one of Zach's hikes, except us!!  mostly because the outdoor adventures require waking up at disgustingly early hours, long winding car trips (yes i get very carsick) and a days worth of hard physical work.  We finally decided to put all these factors aside and go along on the Glacier Gorge expedition, 2011.  

The group: me, nicole, zack, tyler, landon, jordan, jared
Felt amazing to be up in the mountains surrounded by b e a u t y.  It was breathtaking at some points  especially around the lake. 

We also ran into some conditions that were a little scary - there was too much snow to make it up to the falls without the right equipment (ice picks lol)... most of us were in old tennies with no gloves or poles.  Safety first! 

It was hard work, especially coming down on the snow!  but so much fun, lots of laughs with amazing people :)

Today's Status: Sore.  
hugs & love

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