Monday, August 17, 2009

just the highlights

so.... it's been, a while. to say the least!

It is a weird feeling to see Greeley coming to life again with students moving back. my thoughts, "goodbye summer." Definately a bitter sweet feeling knowing the lazy days are over.. but being back in the studio is going to be incredible :] jared and I actually got to go in for a few hours today to help Mike clean up and organize for next week; despite the dirty work i was still thrilled to be back haha i'm just a nerd at heart who loves school too much.

since i haven't made a single post all summer... i'll recap the besties and my favorite parts. ready set blog lol

the littlest of the sisters is all grown up. kicked off the summer with carlee's graduation and just days after her amazing trip to MAUI!!! got to spend 2 weeks with the fam in paradise and it was soo much fun :) made a lot of awesome memories with the fam, one of the unforgetables was zip lining through the maui rainforest/jungle.. incredible!

beautiful sunset!

"life is like a boxa choclates.. y'neva know what ya gunna get"

yea, we boogie boarded those waves. no big. haha actually they took all of us out and sandwashed us on shore. gaspin for air. it was a BLAST

probably my fav. part of the trip!! snorkeling in the open ocean was something unforgettable, and carlee did it too, fearless!! so did gram and graps, so proud!

just a silly pic of the pup, we put a msucle tee on her and it was just too cute.

my babes <3 this was at his parents house in arvada, hanging out with the fam! and i got to meet some relatives...

his grandparents from S.D. came up Greeley! and got to see our apt.

June 13th, Zach and Nicole tied the not! the boys outside the chapel; scott, jordan, kermit, Jared
me, jared, rusty, lynn
and jared's dad Rusty was the minister, good stuff!

the night before, rehersal dinner! Jared and Zach

being silly, i love this pic

i got to have a couple random visits with paytee pants. went down to broomfiled for an afternoon at the pool which was just the best :) she has more energy and sass than anyone i know!!

i got to sneak into the ceramics studio for a few days in july and make a couple things... i was craving it!! just needed a lil taste of clay to hold me over till fall lol

this was a very random re-cap and i don't have pictures for some things that still need to be on the list:
My birthday, was too fun. got to see the fam and be with friends :) oh, and got the best presents in the world!! my sewing machine!!!! and jared got us cable tv! i think we watched it for a week straight after it was installed lol and i've been busy creating and sewing and loving my machine!

Carlee's birfday! in broomfield with the whole gang. so good to see fam and all be together! and i think she had the most amazing cake in the world!

i'm also happy to say we went to water world this summer! keeping the tradition alive, and it has to be one of the funnest places on earth. i think i was smiling all day, despite the overcast!

best of all i got to spend every day with the most amazing person. absolutely adore him!

that's all for now, more to come hopefully sooner than later!! but this makes me less terrible at blogging right?? lol

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  1. DUDE!!! that last picture is my favorite! where ever did you two get those glasses? they are supper RAD! good to finally see a little update. you will have to be better so that i can see everything you are doing when I'm up at school but we will talk a lot as well! boy will i ever miss you sis! have a great rest of your week and i hope you are having fun back in the clay!!! much love!