Wednesday, May 13, 2009

summer time is here.. yey!

last few weeks have been a little crazy, but all in a good way. where to start.. i'm not really sure lol

finished strong with school, probably one of my best semesters! i took wheel thrwoing, relief printmaking, and weaving - got some shots of all my projects and some of jared's pots too. Got to keep up with all our work to put into senior potfolios (only a year away golly!) it'm sure it'll be a treat looking back on these in a year...saucer set (jared)

folded lip rim tea bowls (jared)
teapot (jared)
plater (jared)
vase (jared)
my painted warp weaving project

bauhaus inspired chair with woven back
i got some pretty cool shots out of the old matress frame with dandelions sprawled all over it

"view finder" color lino cut
"powerline" black&white collagraph
"hop scotch" black&white lino cut
"garden monster" black&white expressive wood cut
honey pot :)
teapot and matching cups
image tranfer coasters.. aren't the butterflies cute!? i love em
i don't know what to call this... pot

In other news it was an awesome weekend, worked friday-monday practically non stop.. well not really but it felt like it. got to sneek down to the ranch for mothers day and stopped by b-town as well :> had a fabulous dinner with the fam and got to see a little lady i haven't seen for a while; miss payton!!

tuesday was my first official day of summer, no work or school! jared and i went out to loveland for some chik-fil-a (our fav) and met up with shanda and the fam at centerra - it was a fun little visit - payton got to meet jareds pup beesley, it was the cutest! we took a walk over to our new apt and got to poke around and pick up our keys. chad also did a little dumpster diving and found us a "new" correl pot set haha funny what people will throw away. i think the best part was checking out the bedroom, walking in with payton as she exclaimed "very nice" lol such a hoot!

us in the harry potter size pantry

jared and i lysoled (yea that's a real word in my vocabulary) just about everything in the apartment last night, cleaned it to our likings and today it all went down. we got some help from jared's buff buddies and moved most of the big stuff in. i'm pretty tired to be honest, i moved quite a bit myself. but unpacking and seeing all our stuff in the new place is worth it!! it's a lot bigger than i remember and cozy.. got that homey feel to it :>

the beesley is even warming up to it, all except the bathroom. i tried to coax her over the threshold last night but we only made it one step inside lol silly girl.

well that's it for tonight, GO NUGS!

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  1. Luv ya sis, glad things are settling down. BTW the Nugs ROCK! See you soon :)