Tuesday, April 14, 2009

windowsill dreamin'

it's only tuesday!
but i suppose that's a good thing considering what needs to get done this week... spent all day in the studio; I feel great after days like today, when i have honestly maxed out my productivity. but when i step back and take inventory ... it suprises me the little dents i'm actually making in the big picture. haha but lala la la lala (a little happy song) today was my first day back on the wheel since pheonix and the big ceramics conference :] so refreshing - re-approaching clay with a rejuvinated attitude. made some pretty snazzy teapots i would have to say ha

hard to believe i'm already registering for fall classes. where did the time go? no really. i'm not ready to be a senior.... or ready to think about what i'm going to do after school. oh my. i wish i wasn't wishing i could be a sophomore again lol... i hope i'm one of a few more poeple thinking the same things.

stranger than fiction. gooood movie if you're looking for one lol and the ending made me so happy. i love feel good flicks. and will farrel ha

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