Saturday, September 12, 2009

the haps

life is good! crazy as per usual but i'm busy with the classes i love, so no complaints :)
had a busy night at the steakhouse and just wanted to take a couple minutes to post some of the latest from the studio!jared trimming some tumblers
my latest teapot! gustav (jared says it's russian)
hand-immersion dyed cotton, fabulous!
another ..i'm on a teapot kick hah

just a glimpse!


  1. Wellie, I love to see your creations! Glad to be back form taking Carlie to School, good trip long ride. I told myself if she's happy I'm happy so no crying! Man it's quiet around here.. We did an ichat last night it was fun to see her real time. We'll have to do that too - hope all is well with yas!

  2. hi sister!!! i love your tea pots! super amazing. okay, look spelled my name wrong. what a mean mommy! just kidding but i think that is funny. keep up the pictures of the arts you two make. love you lots!

  3. I love the last pot...I can picture it a midnight purple or neon green (it just fits the unique style). So how about them broncos?? we will have to get together for a game soon :)