Friday, October 23, 2009

this is what i do

Here are some of the latest! actually, fresh out of the gas kiln thismorning :) I have to say this is the best "9-5" I love what I do and do it everyday! The following pots are all cone 10 high fire stoneware; food, microwave and dishwasher safe ;)

tumbler and small platter

mixing bowl... or large soup bowl

sugar and creamer set with slip decoration


another one

watering "can"


stout mugs

lace dipped in slip!

owl mugs!


  1. I claim one of the owl ones!!! good work sis, so talented :) Hope to see you soon

  2. Wellie, you are so freaking amazing at what you do! I totally need to get a little hook up from start a little business! those are amazing and you can get good money for it all! I love you so much sister! Cant wait to see you in less than a month! xoxo

  3. Wellie, I love your pottery! It is so cool you made those with your own hands! The owls are so dang cute who could resist buying one of those! I'm kind of jealous of your 9-5. Looking forward Turkey day and having all our girls around. Keep on creating :o)