Sunday, November 8, 2009

where do my weekends go...

it's sunday night already, boo! feels like time is speeding up and cutting out precious weekends haha. can never sleep in late enough or relax on the couch long enough these days! Jared and I had a busy week, but it was all worth it Friday afternoon!

Jared gave his PTE presentation (not exactly sure what it means) and PASSED!! basically it was months of preparation and hard work paying off - He had to talk for 45 minutes about pretty much everything he has leaned in front of 4 professors.. ah! i think it was more fun for him than anything; getting to show off his work and talk about all of his teaching experiences :) he wasn't even nervous!! haha i don't know how he does it! i am so proud of him; he has worked very hard and i couldn't be happier the stresses of PTE are gone in our lives!

On a more stressful note, work has been getting redicullllous as of lately! i don't know what it is about this chilly weather that is bringing people in for their steaks but my nights have been late and hectic. Friday night was my first night after getting a new computer system put in, and it sure changed things up ringing in orders .. on top of having a buttload of tables!! luckily i had some understanding customers :/ and things should get better after we staff up for the masses and i start understanding technology as it seems to make my life more difficult haha thankfully i still put more into school and have a good month before getting overworked during christmas break :)

Just have a couple weeks left in the studio to work with wet clay :( very sad. so the next 2 weeks jared and i are hoping to bust out our last project of the semester. Although we're not ready for it to be over, we are very excited for the semester sale $$! Dec. 1-4th we are going to be selling our wares with fellow ceramic students in the University Center... Happy to say this semester i have some things i'm actually proud to be selling :) And we might make a good buck or two !

Here are some of the latest:this one isn't fired yet, but you can see how Jared uses actual leaves; rolls them into the platter to get the texture and shape.. nifty!
Platters!Jared did a Raku fire 2 weeks ago for about 7 hours strait, due to the fact he was firing with out a pyrometer! He earned his "ninja potter award" according to Mike because he fired based on the color of the heat and look of the molten glaze - pretty rad stuff and he got some gorgeous platters!!

these are my panda mugs, yey! they are glazed and sitting in the gas kiln waiting to be highfired this week :)
this is a fibers project i finished yesterday; did 2 yards of screen printing!! which took fooooooorrr ever. haha had to rinse my screen twice for every one of those darn deers! but they turned out pretty super cute :) Can't wait to make something out of them

naked deers! haha just kidding this was before they got their colors
final product

screen printing is pretty fun and easy, to think of all the possibilities with my new supplies.... christmas presents!! haha

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  1. Owls and pandas and ??? oh my!! What is next in your sets of too cute mugs?? Might I suggest a hippo :) Tell Jared good job! luv you