Monday, November 16, 2009

Pandas are finished!

One more week until thanksgiving!! which also means one week left with wet clay :( needless to say i was in the studio from 10 o'clock this morning till 7 tonight... glazing trimming working on my neglected hand building project :/ and i still have a lot left to do! Jared took advantage of having saturday off, he was shooting photo assignments and stayed in the studio until 10 o'clock! hard worker on his day off :) but he managed to do a buttload of glazing and made a handful of new platters...

all lined up on the table
we just finished doing some earthquake homework for geology while watching TLC on the couch haha we love Jon and Kate (so sad they there is only one more episode *sniff* stupid JON!) obviously i am a Kate fan. also little people Big world and cake boss! ...we're looking at each other and thinking it's time for bed.. sweet dreams!

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