Sunday, December 6, 2009

almost finals!

the last week has been a little hectic.... after having a lovely thanksgiving holiday with both of the families we came back to hit it hard the last week of real school. monday night was a special arts event where students could set up their work in the clay room for a faculty "sneak preview". jared sold over $200 in platters and mugs to a few of his teachers! and also did a raku demonstration in front of about 15 people. He did an awesome job! (and there will be pictures to follow once i figure out how to upload from the camera mom and dad let me borrow lol ) next came the sale...this was jared's set up on the table

we both worked hours tuesday thru friday, 9-5 selling our pots... and i would say the hard work this semester really paid off. I sold every owl and panda mug on the first day!! and jared had a lot of pricey sales with his popular platters... the biggest of them was a platter that went for $100! very exciting. i also did some last minute projects, kinda of an experiment to see if people would buy them - I made really thin slip slabs with porcelain and colored porcelain, broke them down and sanded them, drilled holes in the pieces, and put a high gloss glaze on them... Wahlah! jewelery
very simple necklace, deerskin leather looped through the holes.
I went to hobby lobby and bought all the jumprings and ear loops for 50% off and less than 5 bucks!

they didn't go over as well as i had hoped but i did sells 2 pairs of earrings and 1 necklace ;) enough to cover supplies and a little extra! We can't wait to total up our price sheets and find out how much we made... yea!

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  1. Wellie, I love looking at all your creations! It makes me feel like I'm there - you guys did great on your sale. Congrats! Keep warm :o)