Thursday, February 9, 2012

we hit the big 100

according to blogger this is our 100th post!  feels like an accomplishment, considering the infrequent rocky start this blogging experience began with.  Just had to share my little milestone :)  

We've had a couple productive weeks in the studio and I wanted to share a few lil peeks n sneeks.  This is all greenware, while the clay still has chemical moisture in it & can be easily recycled by adding water...

 a real man mug stein!  this baby is going to hold a lotta liquid. 
 twistie handle teapot
 this little guy is a miniature espresso shot mug - tiny!!  

and for anyone wondering what the canvas color "paint" is on this miniature... I'm going to share one of my secrets that comes in very handy, especially in a studio where the electric heat boards can cause quick and uneven drying (that nobody wants!)  I use a wax resist to seal in all the moisture when i am attaching my handles and added details.  the wax prevents any cracking or separation - even when the thickness of the pieces you are attaching aren't identical, or when one of the two is a little dryer.  It is my special weapon when i am working against time.. or forget a mug drying out in the open lol

And you can see I use it on almost everything!!  It is def. my (foolproof) special trick o the trade! and woot woot for more newlywed mug sets, easter baskets, and citrus colored coasters (trying out new slip colors before doing a custom teaset.. thought it would be best to know what the glaze fired colors are really going to like like under my clear glaze!)
after tonight they will be bisque fired and ready for glazing!

Jared and I just got home from Denver after a night with the Miller & Hammond Fams - great to see everyone and we got to enjoy some of our favorite take-outs for dinner (Abo's pizza & taste of philly) and went to a sweet piano concert, Jon Schmidt!!!  

I have been a lover of piano music my whole life, especially his refreshing modern rock approach to the instrument.  It's really lovely how he arranges his original pieces and mashes up some of his pop song favs.  

and after tonight I think Jared favors Cello music to the piano :) 

I'm ready for a double shift tomorrow and some breaking dawn being released at midnight!!  Twilight Saga Anyone?!!?!  I have watched all the movies this week in preparation, i'm psyched lol

goodnight all
hugs & love

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