Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yesterday I went to the fountain park in severance with the dogs.  they got a ride AND a walk. 
Yesterday I hoped that my on call shift would not get called in. and it didn't :)
Yesterday I dreamed of summer.  It was so beautiful, i wore shorts!
Yesterday I forgot... to check the mail.
Yesterday I heard Jared signing in the car #cute
Yesterday I read some tidbits while waiting for our food @ Roma's (best pizza ever)
Yesterday I watched season 4 of the office out in the studio.  and some parks and Rec in bed.  (possibly my top 2 favorite shows)
Yesterday I said "I love you"
Yesterday I believed that I can help halpert get over his car riding anxiety!   
Yesterday I felt good about myself after doing my workout video. 
Yesterday I wondered what glazes would look best on my teapots...
Yesterday I bought a Houndstooth coat online that i've been drooling over for weeks, yey for sales! 
Yesterday I cleaned up my sewing table to make room for my next project. 
Yesterday I was me.

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Feeling pretty excited about everything I have been accomplishing in the last month.  ArtHaus has an official facebook page!!  you can click on the link to the right -->
and like us/leave us a comment :)  I'm not going to say how long it took me to put the page together (embarassing) but I will say It was worth it!
We got accepted to our first ever SPRING show!  It is a one day down in Highlands Ranch and there should be a great turnout.  I'm excited to have a show again after the post holiday lull!!
Our etsy exploded yesterday with over a 1,000 page hits!!! INSANE!  I was wondering what the heck happened and found out from a friend that a hooter was featured in an "etsy finds" e-mail - a daily shopping guide put together by the site!  pretty awesome stuff :)

Jared and I have been creating lots of pieces, and agree its about time to get the kiln firing.  Hopefully I will be sharing new beauties in the next week.. (we'll see how much glazing gets done before jared's track season starts!!)

 happy leap year! 
hugs & love

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