Friday, September 30, 2011

Giveaway @ Freckled Nest!

Hi all, Happy Friday!  
Just wanted to share a giveaway that ArtHaus is a part of!  We are contributing a Hooter owl mug for one lucky winner that will also be getting a lot of other special stuff from some very creative peeps :)  

head on over to Freckled Nest to find out more!!  and Thank you for all the sweet comments, we are feelin' the love :)  

About to start loading up the Element for our Show this weekend...  Excited to be part of Friends of Littleton for our 2nd year!  Come See us Tomorrow, Sat. Oct. 1st at Ketring Park from 9-4.
 hugs & love

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy News!

I didn't want to come out with any details until it was an official done deal... As of tonight, Jared and I are in a Gallery In Loveland!!!  

It is the Lincoln Gallery in the old downtown part of loveland, cute little spot that is part of the downtown Art Walk every 2nd friday of the month.  We are super excited to get the exposure and chance to sell our work :)

Couldn't be more thankful that the director, Jeff, made the motion to vote us in and get our work up!  pretty awesome stuff :)

We celebrated at Old C's tonight and had some delicious pizza and pasta!  about time for bed after a long monday...
hugs & love

Sunday, September 18, 2011

belated birthday, broomfield, and bliss!

hi there!  wow has it been a busy week.  a lot to share.  

but first, a belated birthday shout out to my hubby, the most amazing boy.  It was fun to watch you turn another year older and i love how young at heart you manage to stay!  yes, he got a nintendo 3DS and pokemon video games :) 

love you <3

We had a booth at Broomfield days this weekend!  It was fun for me to spend the night with the Hammond fam. and also really great to be 5 min. away from the fair... 

 Also had some really nice visitors throughout the day...
 lil miss laney

 Gma & Gpa Robinson came down from Cheyanne (on their way to Iowa) to spend the day with everyone.  It was a total surprise and so nice to get to see them :) 

 The booth has kept evolving and I am really happy with how it is looking.  We try to keep the colors simple and classy, and the taller shelves make displaying mugs so easy.  It was also our first weekend with the square card reader!!  How amazing is technology?!  Pretty awesome to be able to accept credit cards with my phone :) 
The crowds were also really great!  We met a lot of nice locals and also had some returning friends stop by :)  A big thank you to everyone for your support!!
(We're excited to be going back to Broomfield for a holiday show in December!)

Poor Jared got into a minor accident on his way to help me out at the booth, luckily he was just fine, not too much damage to his subaru, and it wasn't his fault.  The people in the accident were going so fast they managed to get him and another vehicle involved.  Darn it.  (His car is already in the shop and Lynn let him borrow her ride for the week.. so sweet!)  It can be so frustrating when other people are in too big of a hurry and driving stupid! 
he's a real trooper.  Still made it to the fair and made the best of the day! 

We headed down to Arvada after the show to do some birthday celebrating with the Butlers!  gotta love Rus & Jer in their fedoras, cute. 

It was so nice to have a lazy Sunday at the house, eating yummy sticky buns, hanging out, and watchin' football. 

It is back to school for Jared tomorrow & I'll be hitting the studio!  only 2 more weeks till friends of littleton :)

hugs & love
goodnight xoxo

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Lil Studio Peek

Wow, I looked at my calendar and realized that time is just flying by... fall is practically here and i am trying to prepare for the holiday seasons!  They aren't going to sneek up on me this year.  I found some wonderful medallion doilies from a cute little shop on etsy, and have been turning them into snowflake ornaments!  I have some other keepsakes in the makings but will share depending how they turn out... is our show in october to soon to be selling Christmas tree trimmings?!  

 They don't have their clear glaze yet, or pretty ribbons, but I am so excited about how elegant and wintery the doily looks :)  yey!

I am going to be doing a glaze firing with some exciting new pieces - as always, sharing will be determined by how awesome glazes come out.  But i am really crossing my fingers for a good batch!!  Look at our goofy puppy.  his ears make me smile :)

Jared had these waiting for me when i got home from work the other night... 'just because' flowers, aren't those the best kind?  sure makes me feel extra special :)
He's the sweetest. 

hugs and love

Friday, September 9, 2011

A denver day

SO glad I got to see my little Carlee Bear!  She came by Colorado before heading back to School in Rexburg, Idaho.... after spending the summer working in Arizona.  The Girl is miss independent all over the place :)  We decided to see what the fuss was all about at the new Ikea store by Park Meadows - quite the adventure.  

It was almost a furniture overload... But everything was so practical and useful!  Perfect for small spaces and little homes.  Carlee is designing her dream kitchen out of Ikea and I am daydreaming about converting our whole house... lol.  daydreaming!  I see why Shanda has been shopping there for years now :) 

Moma & Bearie

hugs and love

Monday, September 5, 2011

Lovely little Labor day Weekend

Hi All!  Hope your weekends were relaxing and fun!!  We certainly enjoyed our 3-day weekend :)  Got to hang with friends and fam, take a few adventures, and sleep-in, yey!

 Jared and I drove up to Estes Park Sunday to check out their downtown art show.  It was HUGE!  It attracted a lot of people, and traffic!  Think we may sign up for a booth next year ;)  Best part was watching a glass blowing demonstration in one of the galleries on the main strip.  The Guy (Dave) had his studio set up in the back section of his Gallery and made a platter from start to finish.  Quite the process... and amazing to see someone work with HOT glass! 
 also grabbed an application for an Estes Art Gallery... doesn't hurt to try!

Today was some awesome fun at Coors Field!  Watched the Rockies play the AZ Diamondbacks with the whole Butler clan :)

 Lynn & Me
 Jared, Gma & Gpa Butler (from AZ! rooting for their team away from home), & Rus
 We had some sweet seats, in the shade with a great view!

Couldn't have asked for a better weekend, love getting to do fun things with the people we love!