Monday, March 7, 2011

my lady loves!

saturday night was one of the best nights ever - right there next to my birthday haha.  My mom threw me a "girls night" in denver with all my closest girls.  I felt so loved being surrounded by all my favorite ladies, celebrating getting married!!  we ate lots of delicious italian food at maggiano's (my absolute favvvvvv resteraunt in the entire world) and found out we got to take full size entres home for leftovers!!!  i couldn't believe they give you double food for buying 1 meal - like heaven to my ears!!  it was SO much.  and so good.   

It was a lot of fun getting to see michelle again for the first time in months!  she flew out from oregon to be my bridesmaid and i am extremely happy she did.  

Me, Cathy, and Nicole drove down form NoCo and had a riot laughing in the car :)  
of course the fam;  the mothers and my sister!  who patiently waited for the notoriously late me.  what do you expect?!  sad to say but most days i run late for life... late = standard time... sorry! 

I can't tell you how luck y i feel to have such loving friends & family!  it means the world to me!  

Jared told me today at his staff meeting the wedding was on the agenda.  Paul (his principal) made a point to announce the marriage and honeymoon to the middle school staff :)  very cute if you ask me!

aside from the last minute errand running i have been trying to sidetrack myself in the studio of course.  wanted to share some of the latest glaze fired stuff!  this was the first batch to be fired form the bucket glazes i mixed... most results were good and i found some areas for recipe tweaking!

easter basket!  

my next post will most likely be post wedding!!  YAY :)  
hugs and love

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