Saturday, June 18, 2011

Creative Spaces; Art Show

Jared just enjoyed his first real week of summer, Yes!!  Although he has been out of middle school since may, he was the visual arts teacher for a 2 week long summer camp at UNC.  He worked with very talented kids that were passionate about creating art & preforming theater.  He had a lot of fun getting dirty doing clay projects with his kiddos but it was also a HUGE challenge to complete the "clay process" in 8 days!!  (I can hardly do that in a time crunch at home..hah)  He managed to help these kids convey some really intellectual ideas in the form of clay.  I got to see it all come together at their Art show last Friday.  Pretty amazing what they created and how it came together as a whole:

these kids are in 8th and 9th grade too!  can't imagine how fantastic their art will be in a few years, incredible :) 

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