Saturday, April 7, 2012


It feels like I am finding less and less time to make it over to our blog and share what's going on in our little world.  I sit down to do a post and it always feels like in searching into weeks past to remember what has been going on... I want to try and be better about sitting down to blog when things are happening.  In the moment.  and a little more up to date :)

Let's seee...... Jared has been busy with school and coaching track.  He has been seeing a lot of sun with their outdoor meets & practices.  Today I noticed his stop watch tan line around the back of his neck lol too cute.  He's also been dedicated to his sketchbook project doing pages each day to finish it by the end of the school year.  It's fun to see him fill up the pages so quickly with pen, notes, doodles, watercolors - he's a real artiste.  

I've been working almost everyday at kenny's.. We're going through a bit of a staff change with people leaving and new girls getting trained.  transitioning is always a little tricky but I'm still making time for etsy orders, bikram's yoga, and my other little projects :).. got in applications for 2 big summer shows and am anticipating our acceptance letters!  It was fun to send them in with new photos;  they typically require some of finished work, work in progress, and artist creating the work.  An old friend, Becca, of that I met through AIMS came out to the house and did a shoot of me throwing!  I think the pictures came out brilliant and I am so happy to have them :)  She gave me a great deal and did some artistic shots that really captured me, the studio, and even the dogs.  

amazing!!  She gave me all of the images on CD and most of them have the color and b&w version.  Have to say I am a fan of the vintage sepia look.  

My sprouts have taken off like crazy!!  they are alive and green, think they love our three season room.  Which I am happy to say I have moved back into.  Gets a bit cold during the winter and I moved most of my desk into jared's office to be a little more cozy.  Since the weather has been absolutely gorgeous this room is lit up with sunlight most of the day and is back to a moderate temperature.  I learned that peas are plants you should not start indoors!  Their roots shot out quick and hard - they were literally popping out of their starter cups in 1 week.  I am happy to have the advice of a regular bar customer who suggested I get them in the ground as quickly as possible.  This action resulted in a full morning of yard prep for a garden.  The soil is hoed and ready for all my little veggies & flowers!!  I'm taking more advice and getting them in the ground mother's day weekend.  It's fun to have a new hobby, and experiment with my green thumb :)

Today was the first day in a while that jared and I were able to sleep in and enjoy each others company.  We went to ft. Collins for the afternoon and had our favorite chik-fil-a, did a little shopping, and a couple rounds of miniature golf.  My man is quite the putter!!  and we each had one very exciting hole in one.  I think I got the attention of the whole course when I sunk mine... celebrating is very much required when you make a hole in one ;)

Happy Easter!  Hope the Bunny stops by your house :)
hugs & love

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  1. Very nice photos by your friend. Hope you guys had a happy easter.