Monday, December 28, 2015

Feeling thankful

For all this season has brought!  We are so thankful for family and friends and enjoying time together this past week.  I am lucky to have had my work load scheduled to be completed before Christmas this year and days off to enjoy the holiday.  Mom and dad came up to Greeley to hang out and dad installed another outlet for our second kiln! He is one master electrician and I'm lucky he doesn't mind doing handy projects for us -- can't wait to have more firing power either, if there is anything I realized with all the making this holiday season it's that I really need more space in the kiln.  Which is why we are upgrading :) hooray! 
We got to celebrate Christmas at shanda and chads house in Mead this year, it was so fun cooking homemade pizzas and exchanging gifts together - love playing with the girls and seeing them so excited by Christmas!
Payton is so cute, the first thing she said to me when we got to their house is, "when I grow up, I want to be an art teacher!" Just like her uncle jared!!  She is so cute!  It's also not surprising that they share a love for playing Pokemon too :)

On Christmas Eve we spent the night in Arvada with lynn, David and Justine.  It was a wonderful night of football, games, and getting cozy by the fireplace.  
My little heart is just so full of love for the kind and generous people we are surrounded by.  It is hard to measure what your examples of sweetness have done to impact our lives!  I am ready for the new year and excited to set goals for an even brighter year and better me!  

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