Tuesday, July 20, 2010

it's that time again

yes yes that is right it is all hallowed eve of the kiln opening! we busted butt doing over 10 hrs of glazing sun-mon and fired today, just in time for the arts picnic :)  not sure what i'm more excited about... new pots?! getting to sell pots all weekend?! 

both are making it impossible for me to be in a bad mood about my double today and the fact the I have to work all day tomorrow - and wont get to see how the kiln turned out right away.. i am still excited from head to toes!  if i have time i will give you a preview of fresh pots that we will be bringing!  but you really should just come to the Arts Picnic and see them for yourselves :) haha and come hang out with us, can't wait!!

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