Thursday, July 8, 2010

sunny day

sweepin the clouds away, on my way to where the air is sweet!  

it has been a while since my last post, thought today was a great chance to update...  hope everyones 4th was a little cooler than ours!  well it wasn't all a dud.  we got to work on clay all day, and just when we thought we were headed home for a fireworks show in windsor....

an insane thunderstorm hit.  which would have been just fine other than it rained out the fireworks and got into the house through our bedroom window :( whoops.  no damage just a soggy bed haha

this week has been just fantastic - kenny's, clay, jared, and ECLIPSE last night!!!  we went with our friends zach & nicole and it was a fun double date night - team jacob anyone??

i think nicole and i enjoyed it a little more than the boys haha

some more excitement last night - we heard from shanda and chad that they went in for delivery around 6pm and had a beautiful healthy baby before the end of the night!!  another cuteee niece :D and a lucky one too, Lane was born on 7/7/2010.  I certainly don't want to steal any blog thunder but here is a glimpse from our visit today
so precious.  

and to top it all off before heading home a lil chik chik fila!  our fav

and again because i can't help myself some studio sneeks...
jared vapor glazing yesterday

more argyle :) am i a little obsessed? yes / no 

watermelon mugs?! stay tuned people, hopefully we will have a gas load in another week :)

i am still a little awed at how amazing little babies are at the moment, can't stop thinking about how tiny and peaceful she was... what a miracle.  hugs and love xoxo

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  1. You two are the cutest! It was fun seeing you at the hospital with Shanda & family isn't Lane a doll - just like her big sister. I sure like the water mellon mugs, it will be cool to see how they look after firing! Have a great week!