Tuesday, August 24, 2010

we have internet again, thankgoodness

it feels like it has been weeks since i browsed online!!!!  it was almost giving me a nervous twitch.  i think it is just because it has become such a huge part of my daily routine that i felt a little out my norms missing my blogs and etsy browsing.  sad to admit, it was only 9 days i went without.  and hopefully it never happens AGAIN!  hahah

and it feels like i have loads to tell you all about, as if weeks and weeks of events have transpired!! I think i am exaggerating again.  that's what happens when you loose the internet for 9 days!  oh man.  well for those of you who didn't know, we were living in severance with a roommate for the past few months.  She moved out this month with the house feeling smaller and smaller with the 3 (plus bees) of us living here... and it is a completely new house with just jared and i!  we are enjoying the space to spread out and i am loving getting to redecorate and nest more of our belongings to their rightful places :)  and we have yet to design our new studio flow!  it will be absolutely incredible to have the entire garage for the both of us.  ( i can already see us making our messes in every inch of it lol)

It was a sad moment this past thursday when i found myself in the UNC studio for the last time cleaning up my area and packing my tools.  (yes i did put it off till the very end of summer)  it was sad for me to say goodbye to a place with so many good memories.  but alas, life goes on!  and we are onto new things :)  

Jared stated school last week teaching his 7th and 8th graders!  Loves it so far, and i think his kids are liking him too :)  his last lesson included scenarios with justin bieber and lady gaga, how cool is he, right? And today was my first day at Aims Community College.  It is the very affordable alternative to UNC where i will still have access to a Gas kiln, high fire glazes, a spray booth, and another knowledgeable professor.  My landlady Sonya is the arts director and primary ceramics teacher - i can't wait to work with her this semester! 

we had a booth at our local severance days this last Saturday!
sales weren't the best, but we were happy to show some local pride and let people know they had awesome new artists in town!  

we decided that next year we need to get a booth with electricity so we can do wheel throwing demos for people!
there was also a car show right down the path from us, so cool.  i don't know much about cars, other than my dad and gandpas would have really enjoyed this!
fun day.  and we get to do it again this saturday!  
we will be at the Boulder County Farmers Market.   here are the deets for those of you who want to stop by and hangout with us!
The Boulder County Fairgrounds
9595 Nelson Rd.
Longmont, CO
hours: 8-2

we hope to see you there!!  

while catching up on my blog readings tonight, i noticed a cool post by elsie at a beautiful mess - 4 simple goals.  check it out, i will be back with mine tomorrow!  
goodnight & sweet dreams xoxo

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