Tuesday, December 28, 2010

jolly holiday

I feel so loved!  I have an incredible family and am thankful for each and everyone of them!  Jared and I had a great time this christmas... eating way to much delicious food, playing with nieces, watching movies and catching up on parks and recreation, trying to wii dance and laughing our pants off, playing with the pups, enjoying family, relaxing, giving gifts, and getting really sweet ones!  i feel super spoiled...
 (babies for the pups)
 (our little tree)
 (payton & halpert)

 (freeze explosion tag)

(wii fun)

we got a new TV and sound bar!  i can't believe how BIG it is!!  Jared and I decided it deserves a proper stand in our living room too, we are going to ditch the thrifted $5 nightstand for a real cabinet!  it is going to look so so sweet!  thank you butler fam :)

we also lucked out with some sweet new equipment from mom & dad.  We now have a heavy duty dolly and fold out table for craft fairs!  woo!  i can't wait to put them to good use, they will make craft fair days so much easier!!  

Jared also surprised me by fixing the dishwasher!!  Isn't he the BEST!?!  It is so nice to not hand-wash dishes for the first time in yyyyears.  i am so lucky.  
 I love Christmas.  It is my favorite time of year.  hands down.  the only thing I was left wishing for was more time.  Splitting up the time between butler & miller families is hard but we were so happy to see everyone :)  And we are daydreaming about being in SD right now, but it is back to kenny's for me and coaching for jared.  The good times just go by so quickly!!  I was a little occupied relaxing and didn't take as many pics as i should have.  I need doubles from moms :)

Hard to believe It is almost 2011 and our wedding date is getting closer and closer!  (March 10th!)  it was fun for us to share our memories of getting engaged last year, crazy how fast it flew by!  
and crazy how our littlest puppy is growing up right before our eyes.  We are so happy that Halpert and Bees are getting along to be the sweetest friends, we love watching them play. (for hours!!)  

Best Wishes for the new year!  hug and love from all of us

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  1. It was so much fun and yes it goes way to fast. We love having you guys around & Halpert was a good little grand-dog. We love all your pictures!