Friday, February 18, 2011

h a p p y F R I D A Y

yey!!  it's friday!!  that means one day closer to sunday! (Kenny's is closed on Sundays, that's my reliable weekend day haha) but friday's are still happy :)

Last night was Jared's C-team end of season celebration.  Him and the girls went out to Pizza Hut, and I got to come along.  It was so much fun!!  his girls were a roit, holiday in a glass if you will.  they were giggling up a storm and telling the funniest stories.  You could tell they really liked "coach" too, they said they were going to miss him and he should move up to be their coach all through high-school, so sweet.  

(funny faces)

Varsity is playing their first tournament game tonight, Hopefully they win and continue playing!!  (jared isn't ready for the season to be over yet)

I did a glaze fire on wednesday and was so happy to open the kiln yesterday!!  we had a few really nice colors come out on our test tiles, i couldn't be happier. 

 matte colors - i like using matte on my stuff, not so much jared's style
 preeeetty celedons!  the one on the left is my fav.
 yummy blue-green!

also got some magnets up and in the etsy shop today and a couple of cute piggies for shanda...


Tuesday was a big day for Halpert, he got a big boy collar.  no more running around naked.  also purchased a leash.  it's about time he learned to have a proper walk.  Jared has been watching the dog whisperer and his wonderful techniques... We'll have to see if they work!

hugs & love

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