Monday, February 14, 2011

sending love

A little V-day shout out to all our friends and Fam; WE LOVE YOU!!  And hope you had a wonderful valentine's day this year :)  

Work kept Jared and I apart today, but in the Business of steakhouses, today was a great day to be working!!  From lunch to dinner it was non-stop tables - and reservations kept my section full tonight.  Saw lots of sweethearts and cute couples during my 9 1/2 hour sift :)  And came home to the sweetest boy ever.  he surprised me with a darling necklacce!
(i love bows) 

okayokay aside form all the lovey doveyness and my being on V-day overload, we have been keeping busy.  Which is good for me (leaves less time to stress about wedding stuff lol) and Awesome for jared - this is Sadly his last week coaching the girls b-ball team.  Tomorrow is their last home game, hard to believe how fast the season went by!!  It has been fun watching him and his games and meeting the girls on his team.  I will miss it!  and I know he will even more.  Last weekend was especially fun watching his games - Lynn & Rusty came up to watch all 3 (c-team, JV, and varsity) games against mead.  It was fun to have such wonderful company during the games :)  University Ended it with a Varsity win!!  

Jared will have a little bit of down time before his next season.... coaching middle school boys track!!  So excited he got the position, and it is in his area of expertise.  He was a medal winner back in highschool running for Rocky Ford.  :)  Exciting stuff!!

I have been keeping busy with kenny's, my bikram Yoga, and creating in the studio.  I know i said i was happy to be taking a break from the ceramic business.... but in reality this is the best time for stocking inventory and creating for busy months this summer!!!  I have been in the studio (despite the cold weather) working on vases, cassseroles, baskets, you name it.  

 my studio buddy :)  he helped make vases for the centerpieces at the reception! 

I have also researched recipies and chemicals for mixing new glazes - we are doing test tile batches this week to determine which ones we will turn into bucket size batches.  Excitiing!!!  I can't wait to see our results and start getting our bisque ware fired :)  (yes, it's piling up)

I am Also awaiting a package filled with our new business cards... guess what they say?!  

Jared & Danyelle BUTLER!

haha I am so excited!!  to see how sweet the cards turned out (i got them from a really great printing company "MOO" that will do up to 100 different images on your cards!) and also to be a butler :) 

Big Hugs and love 

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