Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School

Monday was Jared's First day back at school, woah.  It came too soon!!  For me at least, I wish summer was a month longer :)  He is excited to be preparing for his students and starting a new year.  His school announced they are expanding and growing into another building: a two story building for middle school expansion!  It is exciting to think of what is in store in the future!! 

I have been busy @ kenny's and trying to keep up with ceramics - after getting stuff done for our loveland show this weekend I am back to special orders and custom pieces that got put at the bottom of the pile.  It is always hard for me to go to work (@kenny's) when I have things at home I would rather be creating..  My goal for this school year is to start getting up earlier!!  and use my daytime for creating (as much as I love being a night owl) and try to structure my days to maximize all the time I have before going into work.  I am usually pretty flexible (more like easily distracted) with what I accomplish and I want to try and make a better routine for making stuff AND growing the business.  It is amazing how far it has come just since the beginning of the year, and I want to keep the momentum going, especially into the holiday season and be prepared for what that entails :)  It is almost exciting to think I have more work than I have time - but for right now that means I just need to get busy :)  

here are some snippets from our weekend...

which also including an amazing comedy show in Denver!  Lynn made it all possible by coming up to watch the pups while we left straight from the craft show and went down to the paramount to see Aziz.  The show was absolutely amazing!!!  It was so much fun to see him live and jared and I both said our faces hurt from smiling and laughing after :D 

here's to the new school year and setting goals, yea!
hugs and love 

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