Saturday, September 22, 2012

holy shmokes

has really been over a month since I sat down and uploaded pictures and thought to update the blog?!


it is about time I play catch-up-on-a-bunch-of-haps in our little world.  where to begin.... We have got nice and adjusted to our school year routine - takes a few weeks to get used to seeing eachother in passing and having opposite schedules.  I have failed at adjusting mine to getting up earlier - What was I thinking?  all of a sudden I could become a morning person.... HAH reminder to self, set reasonable goals.

That said I have been better about being productive - at night and during the day before work.  Some things I have been really excited about working on are glazes!  honestly, It is weird to hear myself say this.  mixing glazes is one of my least favorite studio tasks, but right now I am so excited about the results I am not minding it so much!  I am hunting to find a new red glaze for our studio

some more glaze related progress is my new color chart!  showing off all our current studio colors to make ordering something custom online easier.  not to toot my own horn but it turned out pretty adorable with all the owls ;) 

The first week of september I finished up my first ever wholesale order!  It included 10 owl mugs and 5 shot glasses that went all the way to Kentucky - I can't believe the owner of this cute boutique found me online, I hope she sells out and orders more :)  

I am also excited about taking my owl designs in a new direction!  they are not just owl mugs anymore, but owl bowls!!  
It is fun to make them in XL versions.  change can be good :)  
and also on my fun list is coming up with new ornaments for this season and making jars.  I can't explain what it is about sockets and lids that is making me so happy... but jars are my new obsession right now haha
And one last ceramic recap was our show in broomfield for Broomfield days!  It was a great day, with a big turnout and family and friends that came to support us, thank you for making it a great day!! 

(Can you believe how big Payton is getting?!)  
she is not such a little girl anymore!  speaking of getting big... haha just older really...
Jared had a birthday last week!  
happy belated birthday shoutout to my sweet boy who turned 26.

I had too much fun surprising him with a shower full of balloons.  He said it scared him when they all fell out on him haha my mouth was a bit tender after blowing up so many! 

a showertub holds a lot more balloons than you would think :)
We are going to be going to the halloween store today to find a creepy baby for jared to slipcast.  Love how that sounds like a good time to both of us haha throw in some chik-fil-a and I call that a date!  hope you all have a wonderful weekend and cheer for the the broncos tomorrow! 

hugs and love

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