Wednesday, September 26, 2012

it's starting to feel like...

fall!  I love it SO much!!  

It was overcast yesterday and has been rainy all morning, amazing weather if you ask me :)  It has been a great start to the day going through my winter wardrobe and putting sweaters towards the front of my closet.  I also found some jackets I have outgrown and some older pieces I can't see myself wearing anymore.  I ran them through the wash and I am going to be stopping by Plato's Closet to see if they will buy any of my old clothes... they are kind of picky but I think they are going to want some of my nicer name brand stuff :)  AND a whole bag of items going strait to the clothing donation box.  I am shedding some bulk in the closet area.  feels good.  

Also opened a Glaze Kiln thismorning and have to share some new cuties!!

 is this not the cutest honey jar you've ever seen?!  I am too thrilled with how it came out :)

I'm excited to package and ship a couple of special orders that came out too!  I love my job!! If you can even call it that... it makes me so happy :)  yey for pretty jars and pottery <3 br="br">


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  1. Cute jars! The weather has been getting much nicer down here, too - it makes me want to bake pies and sew.