Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Turkey Day

Was shared with Jared's side of the family in South Dakota this year.  I was pretty nervous to make the trip because the dogs have never been in the car that long and Halpert has been known to get carsick... so have I hah.  Our drive couldn't have gone any smoother and everyone did so great - it was actually fun being together and spending time on the road, all 11hrs!  

 halpert considers himself a lap dog int he car lol
beesley slept most of the time - brought her favorite pillow and lots of blankies

It was great to be able to hangout with Gma and Gpa Almond, Sena & Karen and the girls, and Lynn and David!  And for me, seeing "South Dakota" was part of the fun!!  I got to see everyone's houses, the town of Parker, and put stories to real places.  SO happy we were able to make the trip and spend time together!! Oh yes, and enjoy an amazing thanksgiving feast.  Prepared by the wonderful Lynn who cooked everything the day of.  so talented :)  

Gracie, Karen, Sena, Dick, David, Jared, Ann, Me
I was absolutely smitten with Gma and Gpa Almonds house and how unique it was - custom built by Dick in the 70's and full of beautiful details.  He used to do a lot of stained glass work and has many of them hanging/built into the home, beautiful!

The boys spent time going through some of Grandpas old collections of coins and paper stubs and records - Very neat and fun to see!

 Looking up how much silver coins are worth
 (he had an FDR campaign button!)
(trying to get the player piano up and running, ran into a smokey problem :/) 

We also visited Grandpas shop that was full of treasures and more unique collections - antique tins and boxes, metal signs, oil cans, and salvaged doors and windows.  AND a 1935 hot rod truck, that he turned on and let us drive :)  


I got to go into Souix Falls (it is only a half hour away from Parker) to see Sena & Karen's house and meet their wonderful pets - they have 2 dogs, a grand dog, and Gracie's Cat - Reenie was the sweetest golden girl I have ever met in my life!!

 Lily and her baby Buddy
The girls
Lily, Grandma, Karen, Lynn, and Sena

Our trip was amazing and It made me so happy to see everyone and spend time together, as short as our visit was.  I am so looking forward to going back for a summer vacation! I am truly blessed to be part of an amazing family, Love you all so much!


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  1. I don't know what it is, and I blame the fact that we used to visit extended family in South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas, but I love those states...flat, nothing to see, and I just love them (for the most part). when you go back to SD, you may want to see if Jared wants to make a stop in Valentine, Nebraska to see Uncle Jim and Aunt Karen - you can visit Joe and Janet's 'farm' and all the Chinchillas (though beware, Joe will try to to give you animals...lots of animals - last time I was back there he tried to give me 3 chinchillas and a dog).