Thursday, January 22, 2015


Doesn't feel real Yet! I think I'm still in some disbelief that this is the actual calendar year, two thousand fifteen.  

Wow.  And it hardly feels like a January with the pace of life and work still so bustling things have not slowed down since the holidays!! I am excited that it is a fresh start and am using this entire month to organize my goals and dreams for the coming year! (Yes the entire month!) But seems I have a little recapping to do... Since last time I posted was back in July!! 

There's a new edition to the fam! My newest little niece Charlie was born in August, cute as a button and oh so loved by her two big sisters.  She is already getting so big!
This was Christmas at mom and dad's house.

Jared had a successful basketball season with his new batch of 7th grade boys.  There was some real talent on his team and they came in second place overall in their league - but in style they were certainly first.  Everybody on the team sported a fuzzy flap hat for their game days! 

I had my first ever solo exhibition at the atlas gallery (where we got married!) in November! It was so neat to see everything come together and I almost couldn't believe I pulled it off - I had to build displays for my pieces (with help of course!) and design ways to put 3d ceramics in a 2d gallery space.  Taking on this challenge has me excited to embark and find a new space for my next show...

The experience is addicting and such a good motivator!  

My residency at UNC ended in December and I moved out after watching so many students grow, it was bittersweet and really kind of sucked to have to leave that awesome studio for the second time :(  I am happy to be back at the home studio full time and not dividing my work between spaces any longer! 

I did join an artist co-op in greeley that I am so happy to be a part of.  It gives me a sense of community and belonging in our little town and I am learning a lot about what goes into running an art gallery - everyone contributes to keep it open and full of art and I am happy to do my part and excited when I get to be the shopkeeper 4 times per month!  I co-curated my first show "totally local" at the beginning of Jan. with a fellow member and it has been great to learn the ropes! 

I nearly killed myself with craft shows last year and did the most I've ever done In a season - at one point I had 6 shows in 6 weeks on my calendar.... Call me crazy!!! It was great to prove to myself I could do it but now that I have and know how hard it is, I may never do that many again!! I couldn't have done it without family support -- they were there for every one and jared behind the scenes taking care of everything else I had to neglect! 

It was a year full of milestones and challenges and triumph for our ceramics and I am always so thankful to have jared as a partner.  He is the one always giving me credit for how much I do but the truth is it would be so much harder and not as great with out him!!  So thankful to have him by my side in this journey.  

Jared has been taking his love of pokemon to the next level and traveling to compete in competitions!  It is fun to see him working hard at honing his skills and practicing to play the best he can - his last city tournament in Denver he made top cut (8 people) and from there placed 4th overall! So proud - he has even got me and lynn learning how to play with him.

We are looking forward to traveling to new places and jared playing in even  bigger pokemon competitions!

We have also been lucky to see a lot of our families - celebrating Christmas with all of our colorado peeps and getting to see out of town relatives is always a highlight for me, I have the best family!

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  1. So many happenings! You guys sure are busy...and here all I do is sit on my butt watching TV.