Saturday, January 24, 2015

Getting into the v-day spirit...

Around here!  I have been working on little projects geared towards the upcoming holiday and feels like for once I've been ahead of the game!! I delivered heart shaped porcelain tags to the gallery today along with flower brooches and strung some fun felt streamers I made the other night! 

This afternoon I had a customer budle up a handful of them to take home!  Felt pretty good to get to meet an admirer face to face and she told me about her daughters who have been collecting my work for a while!  I really am so lucky to be in touch with the people who support me and flattered to be a household favorite! 

Made this little embroidery while the gallery was quiet this afternoon!

V- day magnets!! They will be heading to a local coffee shop 😊🙌☕️


  1. Super cute embroidery. I'm still working on a tea towel for a coworker (done through work's combined charity drive - I donate the towels to the highest bidder). I don't know why I all of the sudden just decided I was done with doing towels, but I really feel like I am...which kinda sucks because they're generally pretty easy to do as gifts...maybe I just need to do towels of my own choice instead of someone else's.