Sunday, May 17, 2015

feeling a little bit of creative pressure....

before our first show of the year and quite possibly the biggest one we've ever done!  I still can't believe we will be in downtown denver.  I just unloaded a batch of pots from the glaze kiln this weekend and I am feeling a little less anxiety about it, but still getting really amped for a weekend of Art Slinging.  

This show will be me and my super mother-inlaw Lynn running the show while Jared is competing at pokemon regionals in Utah!  Too many great things in one weekend.  

We both have work at the Madison Gallery for their Latest "Garden Show" which looks absolutely fantastic.  It is fun to be on display side by side in the gallery and i'm glad Jared was brought in as a guest Artist, it was a good creative deadline for him to make some new pieces!

Summer officially starts in t-minus 1 week and 2 days.  it's almost here, and we cant wait.  time to start thinking about our summer bucket list this year.... 

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