Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summer Re-Cap Part 1

Looks as if I have taken the past few months off from sharing... because i was having too much fun in the SUN!  now that the cool nights, school, and normal working  schedules have settled in I am realizing that summer is coming to a close.  Sadly.  it's onto this next season in life and I would hate to move on without first visiting some of our funnest, favorite summer memories of 2015. 

Where to Begin.  The annual Memorial day tradition! The bolder Boulder was done this year on a jam packed weekend that included Art Haus' first denver show run by myself and Lynn (Jared was at Regionals in Utah Competing and placing 19th in his division for Pokemon!) We survived through the sporadic rain, hail, cold, and lightning storms.  It was really cool to be a part of the Sponsored booths section - we had a free entrance fee and stipend thanks to the Greeley Creative District who nominated us to be a part of the ArtStir Show to represent Greeley!  The weekend was filled with lots of friends and family stopping by the booth, I felt the Love!!

This was Jared at Regionals - he had a rough start to his competition but ended up having an amazing Comeback!  his friend Allen is his pokemon buddy, they did their traveling together.  

The show was a great experience and the Bolder Boulder was a treat as always -- as I like to call it "Christmas for Lynn" -- It really is her favorite holiday! 

Jared got right to work as soon as school let out and did a big backyard patio project for me!!  Coming off the side of the house where our studio door goes into the backyard he removed the giant old wood pile that was there when we moved in and prepped for a cement slab.  With help from Scott and Zach they Laid over a pallet of 80lb. cement bags.  It was really impressive to watch and it came out Beautiful!!! 

It is so nice to have the patio right off the studio, I am really enjoying the space it feels completely transformed!! 

I also made a pretty big Leap this summer and decided to change jobs.  I realized I was really unhappy in management at the steakhouse and needed to make a change.  It wasn't easy after being with all my friends and co-workers for 8 years, but i am happy to say it has been the best transition for me into something that's less demanding and more rewarding.  I now work as a bartender and waitress at The Kress - It is a family owned one screen independent cinema with a restaurant and lounge.  It was fantastically remodeled from an old 60's department store into an authentic art deco atmosphere - there are so many cool things about this business and It is changing every weekend with the different (less main stream) movies they bring in.  (At least once a month we show an old movie; July was Jaws on the big screen celebrating the 40th anniversary of the movie!  and last month we played Gone with the Wind, with intermission and all.)  I love what it brings to the community and I am thrilled to be learning so much about making craft cocktails.  It really is right in my wheelhouse of creating!!!  If you are interested in taking a peek into the kress you can see more on their website, it is an exciting time for the downtown area of greeley with more businesses opening up, the momentum is really moving.  it is fun the be taking a small part in the revival of the downtown of our city! 

In June I got to have a great ladies day with my mom and sisters!  Carlee was in town from utah and my mom made plans for crafting and a night on the town.  We went to the musical Wicked which was the first time for myself and Carlee - We Loved it!!  So much fun to get to spend some quality time with my girls :)

June was also filled with wedding festivities of my bestie, Maggie!  We celebrated with the traditional wedding shower and bachelorette party, woo hoo!  
 The Kenny's Girls

It was the most beautiful wedding ever.  Dave and Maggie we made for each other and to be a witness to their love and commitment felt like a special honor - watching your bestie get married is the BEST haha

Maggie has been one of truest friends since I moved to Greeley in 2006.  We met our freshman year thanks to ex boyfriends haha and she got me my hosting job at Kenny's!   I am so thankful to have this ray of sunshine in my life and It's amazing that we bought our dream homes just a few blocks apart!  we joke about being stay at home wives and growing old together as "Greeley Lifer's".  thanks for letting me gush a little about my sweet friend.  it makes me so happy to have her in my life! 

Over the 4th of July Weekend Jared was able to Travel to Indianapolis to compete in Pokemon Nationals!!  He went with his buddies David and Allen, they had a lot of fun.
I am so Proud of how hard Jared worked to earn his player points to get to nationals.  He practiced a lot and trained to be able to get so Far!!  Next year I know he'll be getting an invite to WORLDS!!

That's all for this afternoon, I'll come back with the second half of our highlight reel soon! 

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