Monday, September 14, 2015

Summer Re-Cap part 2

I'll pick up where I left off!  July....

While jared was away at Pokemon nationals, Carlee came to visit and hang with me!  It makes me wish Utah wasn't so far away and she was still here teaching in Colorado... 

That's because I'm selfish!  Love my lil sista 😘

We had some good times in the backyard doing bbq nights!  And our new fave tradition was born, walking to tcby for a cool frozen yogurt treat! 

There were many hours spent in the studio getting prepped and ready for the one and only arts picnic, it was another amazing year with tons of collectors who came out to support us.  It feels so great to see the familiar faces who have been buying our art for years, it's a rewarding feeling knowing our pieces are going to happy loving homes.  Thank you to everyone who continues to love our ceramics 🙌🏻💛

Our sweet friends scott and Amanda tied the knot on August 1st in Boulder - they had the most beautiful ceremony at sunrise amphitheater - overlooking the Boulder valley - it was absolutely gorgeous!!  They had a very sweet intimate ceremony that was officiated by jared!  His first (and possibly only) wedding went very smooth and of course he cracked some jokes for the bride and groom! 

I love weddings a lot, especially this one! It was an adventure to get up the mountain and find the venue lol and so wonderful to celebrate Scott and Amanda's love!! Way to go Ehrlich's :)

This is jared on his last official day of summer, it is so crazy when the day actually comes for him to report back to school and we sit there wondering where did summer go?!  In a flash it's over and he's back to the early morning grind with students and teaching art! 

During his first week back, I took off to South Dakota with Lynn for a week of Vaycay! It was a blast staying with Gma and Gpa Almond in Parker - we did it all!! visiting the turner county fair, eating chislic, seeing old McDonald's farm, morning walks around town, touring city hall, hanging with Sena & Scott and all of Jared's  cousins, playing with baby Hadlie, walking tacos, late nights at the kitchen table, Monday night at Bruce and Wendy's, scrabble, laying by the pool, going to a movie, eating funnel cake, eating cheese ball, eating watermelon, eating everything haha driving the black and white, going through old pictures... It was a great week and I am so happy to have the amazing family I do!! 

I also had a lot of fun snapping pictures of young jared photos all around the house. He really was the cutest baby....
Which brings me to my birthday shout out.

I'm so lucky that you were born!  You are he most amazing, funny, caring, and mostly funny person in my life and spending each day with you is a treat.  Happy birthday Jer 

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