Saturday, September 26, 2015

Incase you were wondering...

what's been happening in the studio lately?!
quite a bit has been happening.  

It's that time of year where i may have signed up for too many holiday craft shows and dipped my toes into too many creative experiments.  I say, why not?  It is amazing the creative energy i am feeling out in the studio right now and wake up excited each morning to get out and continue right where i left off the night before!  As some of you can relate to - what you're passionate about - sometimes you just fall in love all over again... 

dear clay,
you push me in ways nobody else does.  you are there for me when i need to loose myself.  you recreate that feeling i felt all those years ago in wheel throwing one, and it's like magic all over again.  thank you for being so playful and allowing me to grow.  you can be stubborn and tricky, but you always have a lesson for me to learn or a surprise around the corner.  
thank you for that, and for keeping our love alive... 
despite glaze.
yours truly,

Even though i see clay everyday it felt appropriate to share my love.  there is something about the repetition, process, and connection working with such a tactile medium.  who wants to sign up for a pottery class now?!?! haha thanks for letting me nerd out for a moment, and now to in-progress projects happening!!

there is a forest being built of my whimsical Dr. Suess tress.  I took a year off from making these guys, but it was time to revisit.  these little friends will be making an appearance in november at the madison and main gallery for our Winter Lights show.

I have been playing with an old slip cast bird mold of jareds and attaching them on anything I can get my hands on!

In the words of one of our fave tv series "put a bird on it." -portlandia
Speaking of Portland... I am so happy to be involved with the "funding" of my friend Michelle and Joel's new business relocation - they did an indie Gogo campaign to help move into a new space with their very successful Eisenhower bagel house that lived in NE Portland for the last 2 years out of pinkys pizza.  The move meant getting a space of their own and doing some serious renovating!  For their biggest donors I am creating mugs that will live at the coffee shop - if only we lived closer!!! Bagels are a diet staple in our household :)

This weekend means the mailing of the dainty bean's scare mail package - loaded up with lots of handmade goodies I was able to do samples of the clay club subscription to include in 25 packages!  Because of the surprise element of clay club I won't reveal just what it was until I'm sure they have all been delivered and discovered.... 

And one of my favorite treats of the season, ornaments!!! New designs for this year are in prototype phases except for the Broncos keepsake - 2015 mini helmets!!!

If you are looking to see some of these creations in person, you totally can! Starting in just 2 short weeks we will be on a holiday show schedule, I am so excited about our new venues and of course our old favorites!!!

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